identity design
  • Adobe Illustrator

So far, this is just the front of a business card design. The first thing I started with here is just my initials. I thought it was interesting that W and L can sometimes be written similarly to w/, which is shorthand for "with" and represented to me both modernity as well as a feeling of togetherness and warmth, which are amongst some of my core values with respect to life and my design work.

The second major thing I thought about is what do I want this identity to convey about the type of work I do and, more importantly, want to do in the future. With the gears, though a bit trite, I wanted to invoke technology and complexity. However, I also overlapped them into the area with the blue background to indicate that I also want to deeply understand the inner workings of the world and the people in it in order to come to my design decisions. Therefore, it is not just the blind application of technology and complexity but rather with a deep understanding of the world, people, and the technology itself.