web design branding identity
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Wordpress

This is the information page for the HBS Design Club.

The request was to redesign the information page and create a new branding identity that is indicative of a design club.

My focus was to create a one-page site with a logical sequence and story as the user scrolled down. That is, just as the question of "oh, I wonder what events Design Club puts on?" is entering the viewer's mind, s/he should be scrolling to the events section. I differentiated the segments with different background colors and used a rarer color scheme to indicate risk taking with visual aesthetics.

Also, given that it is uncertain that there will be somebody technical enough to maintain the site year after year as new students enter and old ones depart, I was also considering how much of this design can easily be implemented in a drag and drop builder like Squarespace.